Sonya Haffey, Design Director


Sonya's SelfieI grew up in Florida, yes, one of the very few that were born in Florida and never left.   My mother is Brasilian so we spent a lot of time in Brasil and I was always influenced by my aunt’s modern interiors and furniture. My grandmother would commission millworkers to make her furniture custom and designed almost every piece herself. She was never a proclaimed designer but I thought she was and was so impressed by her.   My parents were very involved in the arts, taking me to the theatre and art museums starting at the age of four.   I loved looking at all the paintings for hours and found that I liked the abstract art the most as you could see something new each time you looked at it and reinvent it over and over.   I believe that is where I found the love of color, texture and emotions in relation to color and texture.

I haven’t always wanted to be a designer.   I started college in pre-med and after two years of biology and assisting with ground up construction on a home on the side, the Architects that I worked with insisted that I was in the wrong field and should go into Architecture.   I found my passion in Interior Design and taking that design to the limits, which I refer to as Interior Architecture.   Once you enter a shell of a building you can design in a way to influence someone’s emotions, which is fascinating to me.   I studied around the world including London, Paris, Milan and Glasgow.   I became licensed only two short years after entering the design world and haven’t stopped since. I am also one of the very few that can say they LOVE their job!

Volunteer Activities: Make-A-Wish (wish grantor), Easter Seals (committee member for three years), Timber Trace Elementary (newsletter, class assistant, & PTA Board member), First Presbyterian of North Palm Beach (as needed), Young Life (as needed & event committee member), Little Smiles (as needed & upcoming room designs), JDRF (Juvenile diabetes research foundation) supporter, Brave Maeve (sponsor), Charitable Mom’s of North Palm Beach member, Palm Beach Gardens Soccer Coach, St. Jude / Team Trevor collections of toys & as needed. (thinking about that makes me want to take a nap.)

What’s you other life? Busy, Busy!   Always moving between volunteering, boy’s soccer, boy’s lacrosse, ballet & two schools with my four young children (under 7) and husband, Ryan.

Favorite space to design: My Own. ; )