Sanna Mehlin Tilley – Senior Designer

Sanna's selfie

Born and raised in Sweden I moved to New York in 2004. I left behind family and friends to chase a dream on the other side of the Atlantic. I often look back and every now and then miss the simple life in my small hometown in southern Sweden, but never regret my decision. I believe exposure to different cultures, cities and people have shaped the person I am today and contibuted to my success – the dream that made me cross the Atlantic Ocean.

Growing up in Scandinavia has contributed to my unique design style with influence from natural elements with a strong emphasis on functionalism. My goal for each project is to create a timeless environment, achieved through innovative design and detail. My passion for global travel has molded my appreciation for architecture and design. Admiring and studying world renowned architects and designers gave birth to my affinity for modern classic chairs so much so that I have compiled a unique collection of miniature replicas displayed in my home.

I received a Bachelors degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in 2010 with Summa Cum Laude honors and best portfolio award for my graduating class. I am a NCIDQ certificate holder with an Interior Design license in the State of Florida.

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What is on your DVR? How to Get Away With Murder – no questions please!

Interesting fact: Extreme fear of flying (I will grab the stranger’s arm next to me during take-off and constantly ask; did you hear that?) has not held me back – I have touched ground in 5 continents and 21 countries.