Presidential Suite

The Intercontinental in Miami, Florida is a property of Strategic Resorts in Chicago. We were hired by Strategic to remodel the Presidential and Royal Suites of the hotel as well as the Executive Suites as part of a massive renovation in 2012. The scope of the project included selections of floors, walls, ceilings, specialty finishes, bathroom fixtures, art, consulting with electronics, and furnishings. The Presidential and Royal Suites are both two stories including their kitchens and each have two and a half bathrooms, a conference / media room, open office, living room and sleeping space. We enjoyed this project as it was our first major Hospitality Design project.




Royal Suite – Theme- “Metropolis”
Henry Flagler- financed Miami’s first newspaper- “The Metropolis”-


This first suite focuses on the idea of a metropolis: i.e. a major city, or center of activity and has edgy lines and elements that are reminiscent of the grid of a city or even tracks of a train- linear. Henry Flagler played a large role in creating railways to connect Miami. Julia Tuttle, “the mother of Miami”, was one of the people who donated land for the railway to Flagler.

Intercontinental Miami VStarr V Starr Hospitality Photo 1.7

Presidential Suite – Palmeraia (Palm Grove)


Theme- “Palmeraie” Palm Beach & Miami Blend Sophisticated, elegant, lush interior spaces


Overall, this suite has an emphasis on life’s delicacies; from the warm, marble floor to the pearl like wall coverings, there are obvious undertones of the rich and warm Florida lifestyle. This is accentuated with, splashes of color: orange, blues, soft greens, and hints of copper. This suite represents a mix of Palm Beach & Miami in its most luxurious state. The joining of these two places was greatly influenced by the East Coast Railway





Max Urban Millwork created custom millwork and installed the panels for the space. Sharon Lewis Upholstery created the custom upholstery pieces.